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by Blizzard
16 Aug 2016, 04:19
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Is amx bans still in development?
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Is amx bans still in development?

Is this site still active?

Or has any development for amx bans stopped?
by Blizzard
07 Aug 2013, 03:34
Forum: Modifications and Addons
Topic: [WEB] MOD and VIP list like Admin List
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Re: How i add mod_list.php

i like how they are trying to take credit for developing amxbans...
found on bottom right of site.
by Blizzard
06 Aug 2013, 23:27
Forum: Development and Suggestions
Topic: [DECLINED] AMXBans Added To AmxModX ?
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[DECLINED] AMXBans Added To AmxModX ?

is there a possibility to add amxbans into a dev build of amxmodx? and option for owners of server to choose cvar option to use amxbans or normal ban menu?

this way no need to install two seperate plugins... just means when they choose to use amxbans they need a web server for sql db.
by Blizzard
09 Jun 2013, 12:07
Forum: Development and Suggestions
Topic: [DECLINED] intergration with forums.
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[DECLINED] intergration with forums.

So you can setup admin access with user groups
So when a user is put in admin group they auto get admin on server. And If they lose there admin group on forum there server administration is taken away too?

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