So, HLXBans is terminated, welcome to!

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So, HLXBans is terminated, welcome to!

Postby Zapy » 16 Apr 2013, 23:35

With HLXBans being terminated and shut down completely i felt that because i own the domain that is the original domain of amxbans,
that i bought from SeToY, maybe fourth coder/project leader that took over the project some time ago, i felt that amxbans still need a support channel and a official
download location, this will surely be moved to if we start to lack the time to continue this.

With me from HLXBans we have YamiKaitou a well know personality, most famous from the work of the Warcraft 3 plugins and support he has made and contributed to.

For the start we will not do any new development on the amxbans project because that would take a loot of time, we will continue to support and help other users
with their problems.

We would love to see other users to contribute to the coding of the amxbans system in the form of bug and security fixes!

So welcome to, the new-old home for amxbans!

From Vincent @ HLXBans

This is the last announcement you will read at

We have decided to close down the HLXBans Project, because of setbacks in life and lack of interest from our developers.

Another reason is that HL1 games are going to die anyway for the major public since HL2 games don't cost much anymore. Non-steam versions are taking over, and we have no need to support those versions. HL2 is the future, and since SourceBans exists HLXBans isn't even necessary at all without HL1 features.

So, I'd like to tell all my developers that, even though there were many setbacks, I had a nice time with them.

Support for AMXBans will end here too.
I'm going to close down the forums in a few weeks, and if someone wants to keep supporting AMXBans, just contact me.

Latest version of AMXBans with all securityfixes can be found here: and here viewtopic.php?f=6&t=20 (added by me Zapy when quoting)

Have a nice day,
- Vincent and the HLXBans Crew
Project Leader for from 2013
Head Community admin for Warzone Short Valley
Swedish Gaming Community since 2000

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