Web, mail and data-server problem! -Updated 16/06-2013

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Web, mail and data-server problem! -Updated 16/06-2013

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So we have restored a backup of the web-site as it was before, server-status script doesn't seem to work 100% but this will be fixed as we are moving along.
About the server, after some searching on Google i think i have found what the issue might be and we will try and sort this out asap.

atm the mail-domain amxbans.net doesn't work either so if you have subscribed to topics you wont get any emails about new posts.

Questions? use the mail or web-chat function at the end of the post!


amxbans.net and forum.amxbans.net is temporaily down because of hardware failure on the web-server, this is a fail-over server
that will be configured as the live one were, expect the site and forum to be up again over the weekend!
All data from the databases is backed up every day at 00:05 and ftp off-site.
Questions? mail me, zapyswe@gmail.com
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