Adding a reset password function.

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Adding a reset password function.

Postby vikas » 05 Sep 2017, 21:44

i was thinking if you can add the reset password feature for the amxbans website as sometime we forgot our own password and we get stuck.
is there a posibility for adding the feature of email login in as well insted of username or is there a way that amxbans website can access the same database as Mybb fourm and use the default username and password as the fourm so if any user do forget the password or username then can easily reset it through the mybb fourm with this you might not have to add the function of reseting the password from the amxbans website.

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Re: Adding a reset password function.

Postby qAndy » 15 Oct 2017, 10:58

Good Idea

Lionel Messi
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Re: Adding a reset password function.

Postby Lionel Messi » 24 Oct 2017, 12:33

better use Last pass to save passwords

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