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hello guys, I have this problem after installing amxbans

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Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /home/darkaren/public_html/bans/include/ on line 39
Table 'darkaren_bans.amx_webconfig' doesn't exist
at the last step of finishing the installation it gave me failed instead of succesfully to everything, what can I do, I tried 2 times already

amxbans 6.14.4
php 7.3.28

that's what it appeard on the last step
amx_bbcode failed
amx_smilies failed

Enter settings
Website failed

Set user menu
User menu failed

Install module
iexport failed

Create web admin
Webadmin level failed
Webadmin data failed

amx_admins_servers successfully created
amx_amxadmins already exists
amx_bans already exists
amx_bans_edit successfully created
amx_bbcode already exists
amx_comments already exists
amx_files already exists
amx_levels already exists
amx_logs already exists
amx_modulconfig already exists
amx_reasons already exists
amx_reasons_set already exists
amx_reasons_to_set already exists
amx_serverinfo already exists
amx_smilies already exists
amx_usermenu already exists
amx_webadmins already exists
amx_webconfig already exists
amx_flagged successfully created
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