Amxbans not work

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Amxbans not work

Postby yuri1 » 27 Feb 2015, 00:03

i have problem in amxbans it's not working
i'm installed amxbans in website and set new mysql database and add the ip of the server in the remote mysql in cpenal and make database wille install amxbans in website like this

Database host:
database: fragquak_salt
username: fragquak_salt
password: salt123
tables: amx

after that i install plugins and remove admin.amxx
and add the two plugins above in plugin.ini and edit mysql.cfg like this
amx_sql_host ""
amx_sql_user "fragquak_salt"
amx_sql_pass "salt123"
amx_sql_db "fragquak_salt"
amx_sql_table "admins"
amx_sql_type "mysql"

but it's not working is there any mistake will installing it please help me?

Note// i change the amx_sql_host to this ip and to the website ip here is it and no thing happen.

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