Language & console (AMXBans 6.13)

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Language & console (AMXBans 6.13)

Postby indianiso1 » 16 Oct 2015, 02:07


I have two questions. It could be some rediculous, but I can't find answer...
  • How to change language? All console is set to english but amxbans is set to russian, where can I change it (in which document)?
  • Wut??? Where can I write it to some better way?
    [AMXBans] ===============================================
    [AMXBans] RTF.LV.
    [AMXBans] .
    [AMXBans] : player
    [AMXBans] : ' wh '
    [AMXBans] @
    [AMXBans] SteamID : ' STEAM_0 : 0 : 1659864155 '
    [AMXBans] IP : ' '
    [AMXBans] =======================================


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