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How to install AMXBans by Website - Splitted

Postby sami1 » 11 Aug 2013, 13:30

Create AMXBans easily tutorial


So, I was bored, and wanted to do something.
I keep seeing people saying how to install AMXBans, and some add me on STEAM just to tell me install it for me.

So, I've decided to make this tutorial, to help people and to stop the people from adding me on steam for this thing.

Okay, So AMXBans could be installed both ways, by a website or localhost.

How to install by a website & the requirements.
A website is a domain you buy from a hosting company. There is lots of hosting companies, some free, some are cheap, and some not.
I will not say any hosting company, because I don't want to advertise, and some maybe might suck for you and you are going to blame me.
A website is like or or much more..

To install AMXBans, you must buy a website. Free website does not include remote mysql connections ( Remote MYSQL Connection is: this is like a firewall, You will add your IP in that area, which will allow connection between your website and your HL1 Server (Counter-Strike 1.6, Etc...)

There might be a free hosting company, which let remote mysql connection, but that is just 1% out of a 100 that you will find.

To create the AMXBans, you need access to a Cpanel (Provided by the host) or PHPMyAdmin.

For the website AMXBans installation, you need the following:

1 Database (Created in Cpanel or PHPMYADMIN)
1 User and Password (Created in Cpanel or PHPMYADMIN)
Access to remote mysql connection (Found in Cpanel)
Ftp Access(FileZilla will do it) or File Manager (Found in Cpanel)

Download AMXBans from here

Once the download ended, you will put the ZIP file in your desktop or anywhere in your pc
You will extract the file (Using WinRar, WinZip, 7-ZIP, ZIP extraction is by default in windows, or other programs).
After extracting, you will find 2 folders, one for the website (Web) and 1 for the server (Plugin)

I'ill upload my files using FileZilla. Open Your ftp program, connect to your website, go to the root of your website (Default: public_html)
and upload the WEB folder there. Rename it to amxbans so it will

After done from uploading, run through the installation setup.

Dont edit anything while going in it.
When you reach the Database section,
you will find the boxes for database, database user, database name, and tables.

for the database: your database
for the username: Your database username
For the password: Your database username password
for the tables: leave it default, dont change it.

and click continue.
(If error, then make sure you wrote everything correctly, and make sure the database user have all the access given to him, and make sure that you give the username permission to your database.)

if it works, then you will continue to the next step, which is your First Admin User.
Write in your email, your username , and the password you which to login to the website.

After finishing , you are done from the webpart. You can login and experience a whole new Ban system experience.

Okay, we are not done from the server part.
In the Extracted ZIP File, you will find Plugin folder.
Open it and copy everything, and add it to its location.

Once done, you need 3 more things.
You need to edit sql.cfg

// SQL configuration file
// File location: $moddir/addons/amxmodx/configs/sql.cfg

// *NOTE* Linux users may encounter problems if they specify "localhost" instead of ""
// We recommend using your server IP address instead of its name

// *NOTE* amx_sql_type specifies the DEFAULT database type which admin.sma will use.

amx_sql_host "Your website IP"
amx_sql_user "Your database name"
amx_sql_pass "Your database user password"
amx_sql_db "your database name"
amx_sql_table "admins"
amx_sql_type "mysql"

you need to edit amxbans.cfg

Edit the amxbans.cfg to your settings and wish.

you need to go to your plugins.ini and



and Disable



must be in top of plugins.ini and be in this same order.

THATS IT! You've installed AMXBans successfully !
If you have any problems or suggestions, please post here, or open a new thread in the forum.!

Please vote here and choose whether you need a new amxbans system


Before voting, please understand what this vote is for.

If you want to install AMXBans by your localhost, its the same way as the website.
You can use WampServer, Apache, and more programs that can be found. (XAMPP, etc.)

Open your phpmyadmin, and create a database.

Go to your users setting, create a user, a password, grant it access to amxbans database
add the web folder to your 'www' folder (WAMPP) - ) I don't know the root folder for other programs)

do the setup and continue as we did before for the website part

:ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:

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