Auto prune (max offences reached) not working properly

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Auto prune (max offences reached) not working properly

Postby fatal » 08 May 2019, 22:10

I have enabled auto pruning but it doesn't work.

When someone previously banned connects to the server, it shows how many times this player has been banned before. When the player gets banned for the 3rd time (max_offences is set to 3 and auto_prune is set to 1 in amx_webconfig) the player doesn't get permanently banned.

What I tried: previously the MOTD field in server settings was empty, causing an error when viewing the banhistory of a player in a game. Then I clicked on automatic, which generated the link to my amxbans page, but this didn't work either because it only gave the specified url on the MOTD page. I had set a http to https redirect on my host and it started working when I removed this redirect. Now it shows the ban details from the website in the MOTD instead of the default motd.tpl html page. But it still didn't auto prune the temporary ban.

I found the code which is responsible for the auto pruning is located in ban_list.php. I tried to CHMOD this file to 777 without success.

Between all attempts I have manually deleted de bans from amx_bans and also the unban reasons from amx_bans_edit. Surprisingly this automatic editting does work, so I don't think it's a database problem.

As a final step I'm now trying to test ban for at least 30 minutes instead of the 5 minute bans I tested with previously. I found this as a suggestion on a Lithuanian website which also stated he or she fixed this (to not let it depend on a minimum ban length), unfortunately without explaining the solution.. Edit: it does partially work, with longer bans it does auto prune to a permanent ban. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have seen the "permanently banned, max offences reached" as a HUD message on some servers. Unlike these servers, my server shows "banned for 30 minutes" as a HUD message. Only on the website it says perm/max offences reached.

Any suggestions?

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