Stuff we need from you before posting about PLUGIN errors!

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Stuff we need from you before posting about PLUGIN errors!

Postby Zapy » 16 Apr 2013, 22:01

Describe your errors as thorough as you can, be happy to include some lines off errors from addons/amxmodx/logs

In your server console (HLDS) or with RCON from the CS client type in theses commands and copy paste the information the console gives back.

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meta list
meta version
amxx version
amxx plugins
amxx modules

The answers should look like this:

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hostname: <your hostname>
version : 48/ 5956 secure (10)
tcp/ip : <your ip>:27015
map : surf_adventure_final at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
players : 4 active (13 max)

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meta list

Currently loaded plugins:
description stat pend file vers src load unlod
[ 1] AMX Mod X RUN - amxmodx_mm_i386. v1.8.2-d ini Start ANY
[ 2] MySQL RUN - mysql_amxx_i386. v1.8.2-d pl1 ANY ANY
[ 3] SQLite RUN - sqlite_amxx_i386 v1.8.2-d pl1 ANY ANY
[ 4] Fun RUN - v1.8.2-d pl1 ANY ANY
[ 5] Engine RUN - engine_amxx_i386 v1.8.2-d pl1 ANY ANY
[ 6] Ham Sandwich RUN - hamsandwich_amxx v1.8.2-d pl1 ANY ANY
[ 7] FakeMeta RUN - fakemeta_amxx_i3 v1.8.2-d pl1 ANY ANY
[ 8] CStrike RUN - cstrike_amxx_i38 v1.8.2-d pl1 ANY ANY
[ 9] CSX RUN - v1.8.2-d pl1 ANY ANY
9 plugins, 9 running

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meta version

Metamod v1.19p32 2007/08/12 (5:13)
by Will Day
Patch: Metamod-P (mm-p) v32
by Jussi Kivilinna
compiled: Aug 12 2007, 18:57:40 EET (optimized)

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amxx version

AMX Mod X 1.8.2-dev (
David "BAILOPAN" Anderson, Pavol "PM OnoTo" Marko
Felix "SniperBeamer" Geyer, Jonny "Got His Gun" Bergstrom
Lukasz "SidLuke" Wlasinski, Christian "Basic-Master" Hammacher
Borja "faluco" Ferrer, Scott "DS" Ehlert
Compiled: Feb 13 2013, 01:45:59
Build ID: 1.8.2-dev 60:a1a2c0b60abb
Core mode: JIT+ASM32

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amxx plugins

Currently loaded plugins:
name version author file status
[ 1] AMXBans Core 6.0.3 HLXBans Dev Team running
[ 2] AMXBans Main 6.0.3 HLXBans Dev Team running
[ 3] Admin Commands 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team admincmd.amxx running
[ 4] Slots Reservation 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team adminslots.amxx running
[ 5] Menus Front-End 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team menufront.amxx running
[ 6] Commands Menu 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team cmdmenu.amxx running
[ 7] Players Menu 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team plmenu.amxx running
[ 8] Maps Menu 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team mapsmenu.amxx running
[ 10] Admin Chat 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team adminchat.amxx running
[ 11] Anti Flood 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team antiflood.amxx running
[ 12] Scrolling Message 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team scrollmsg.amxx running
[ 13] Info. Messages 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team imessage.amxx running
[ 14] Admin Votes 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team adminvote.amxx running
[ 15] TimeLeft 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team timeleft.amxx running
[ 16] Pause Plugins 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team pausecfg.amxx running
[ 17] Stats Configuration 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team statscfg.amxx running
[ 18] Restrict Weapons 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team restmenu.amxx running
[ 19] CS Misc. Stats 1.8.2 AMXX Dev Team miscstats.amxx running
19 plugins, 19 running
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