AMXBans 6.13 Released

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Re: AMXBans 6.13 Released

Postby AchefDigital » 12 Jul 2015, 21:45

For all the ones having issues with the smarty/template_c folder, upload your files to the website via FTP, then go into the smarty folder and create the templace_c folder. This will fix your problem, since some of the web hosts won't create the file itself, you can do it that way.

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Re: AMXBans 6.13 Released

Postby nkSid » 08 Feb 2016, 20:43

Hi I created template_c folder
i went on setup.php and it created a file in template_c with following details

File Name: %%75^751^751881E0%%setup.tpl
File containt: <?php /* Smarty version 2.6.25, created on 2016-02-09 00:02:30
compiled from setup.tpl */ ?>
i went back on refreshing setup page but it shows blank page.

What I should do?

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