AMXBans Assist Plugin (Common Troubleshooting Items)

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AMXBans Assist Plugin (Common Troubleshooting Items)

Postby YamiKaitou » 30 Jul 2013, 18:45

This is the Documentation Thread for the amxbans_assist.sma plugin. It has been added to the base package starting with 6.0.5. You can find the latest version in the Repository

Available Commands (all commands are only usable in the SERVER console)
  • amxbans dumpadmins
    This command will dump a list of all admins loaded onto the server. By default, it will dump it into <game_folder>/dumpadmins.txt.
    Basically, the formatting of each line will be as such

    Code: Select all

    <Admin Number, zero-based> : <SteamID, IP, Name> <Password> <Access Flags> <Account Flags>

    Below is an example of the contents of a dump

    Code: Select all

    1 Admins were loaded
    0 : "STEAM_0:0:1" "" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "ce"

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