[WEB] Adding warnings to admin list

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[WEB] Adding warnings to admin list

Post by dnbESTgaming »

I'm wondering how to add admin warnings to amxbans admin list.
At the moment my admin list looks like this: Image

But i'd like it to look like this: Image

So far I've reached the point that I have some of the stuff but not enough. I made a WAMP server just to test out my progress and I have this: Image

I added some code to admin_list.tpl

Code: Select all

on line 12.

Code: Select all

on line 31.

I also added some code to admin_av.tpl

Code: Select all

												<tr class="settings_line">
													<td><nobr><input size"5" type="text" name"warnings" "value="{$input.warnings}" />
on line 112.

But for some reason it doesn't show me the 0 at first only a blank row.
The code on line 112 of the admin_av.tpl should add warnings, for example I typed 3 in the box, clicked save, but for some reason it still didn't show the warnings ammount. What did I do wrong or what should I do to make it work?

PS. I'm using AMXBans 6.0.3
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Re: Adding warnings to admin list.

Post by take »

Good afternoon,

I could not do that, you as a developer could send me the mod_list.php please?
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Re: Adding warnings to admin list.

Post by Koniec12 »

I can also help. Send or post mod_list.